Home Sweet Home Neon Sign

Color: Aqua
Size (the longest side):
24 inches (60cm)

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Product description

Lights up your home or office with our colorful handmade neon art signs. Designed in a minimalist style, our neon sign has a clear back panel allowing your sign to blend in seamlessly with your room¡¯s color scheme. Neon art signs add a classic, retro style to your home or office.

Unique and creative designs, with great attention to detail. They can be placed anywhere in your home or office, including on a dried flower background wall and wood boards. The size and shape of these cool neon signs are perfect to bring a pop of color to your place or make it the center of attention. The sign instantly becomes a unique art piece.

Waterproof / Rainproof design, Extremely durable. So you can keep it in any room, on your patio or outdoor. Most importantly: easy to install!

All of our neon signs come with free remotes, which can control dimming, flashing, and diversified dynamic modes.

It is the perfect gift or surprise! Our signs are suitable for home decor, room decor, kids rooms, man caves, the garage, game rooms, event decor, weddings, baby showers, party decor, birthday gifts, show rooms, Christmas gifts, Halloween decor, businesses, store decor, beauty & hair salon decor, tattoo shop decor, restaurant & bar decor, office decor, live streaming studios, photo booth backgrounds, etc.
What's included in your neon sign?

1. Your neon sign.
2. Remote control & dimmer.
3. Power adapter.
4. AA battery box for battery operated.
5. Accessories for wall & window & ceiling mounted.
6. 6ft transparent extension cord.

Why choose us?

1. Minimalist wireless design.
Say goodbye to messy wires, and instantly becomes a unique art.

2. Last twice as long as other neon lights.
Only uses the finest light sources, including a selection of raw materials that are environmentally friendly.

3. Light-emitting angle is 2 times more powerful than other neon lights.
We also have all of the necessary safety certifications such as UL, FCC, CE, and SAA.

4. Delivery within 7-9 business days.
Rapid production without waiting 3-5 weeks.


Express shipping: Delivery within 7-9 working days.

Free economy shipping: Delivery within 9-14 working days.

Free Return & 24 Months Warranty

Free return within 90 days, we've made the return process super easy.

All of our neon signs come with a 24-month manufacturer warranty.

Is the brightness on your signs dimmable?
Yes, you can adjust dimmable neon signs to your desired brightness.

Do your signs come with remotes?
All signs come with free remotes, which can control the dimming, flashing and diversified dynamic mode.

If I don’t have a wall socket, can it be battery operated?
All signs come with free AA battery box for battery operated, However we suggest using electricity because it is more economical. Please bear in mind that AA batteries are NOT included in the standard configuration.

If I buy the battery option, will it work completely off batteries?
Regardless of whether you order the battery case option, the electric plug will still come as an add-on. This leaves the option open for you to use electric wall socket if you want or use the battery option as ordered.

What kind of batteries do I order to power it?
You will need to purchase your own 8 AA batteries. They do not come included with the sign.

How long do the batteries usually last?
The batteries usually last 12 hours.

Can I wire my sign into a light-switch in my home?
Your neon sign will come with a low voltage adapter plug. The plug can be cut and hardwired into an electrical fitting (you must keep the adapter). You can then use a light switch to turn the sign on and off.

Is it noisy? Is there a constant buzz from the light?
The sign produces no noise whatsoever, it is completely silent!

Is it easy to hang on a wall?
Yes, there are two holes on the backplane that you can use to hang the neon sign with screws or cord.

If I cannot nail anything to the wall, how would I hang it?
3M Command strips are a great option as well as they do not require any tools or risk damage to the wall.

I will be hanging the sign from the ceiling. Does the sign come with a cable to suspend them, or must I buy that separately?
The item will come with the necessary accessories to install your sign, there is no need to purchase any extra accessories.

If I want to hang it with artificial flowers or on boards, is it safe?
Absolutely! Our neon lights are 12V low voltage output and do not have any risks.

Is it safe for kids and pets?
Yes, they are safe around children and pets. Our neon signs are made from soft silicone tubes and acrylic backing, including a selection of raw materials that are environmentally friendly and do not have any toxic chemicals inside.
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