Handmade custom LED neon signs - Infinite font options, Dimmable, Customizable color changing, Extremely durable, Minimalistic design, Customizable battery operated, Outdoor waterproof.

Custom neon signs on artificial floral arrangement

Extremely durable, able to withstand the test of time.

Our neon signs are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and last for years to come. Whether you need something for heavy use in a commercial setting or for rugged outdoor use, our products are built to stand the test of time.

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Custom neon sign for home wall decor

Infinite design options, over 400 fonts.

Endless design possibilities, over 400 fonts, and a variety of foreign languages to choose from, you can also upload your own design or logo, unleash your design potential!

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Fair and transparent price, no extra cost.

No hidden costs, waterproof technology, remote control, and installation of accessories, all included without extra charge, we are dedicated to providing the best craftsmanship and fair and transparent pricing, making our custom neon signs affordable for everyone.

Custom neon signs mounted on grid display panels

Minimalistic design, no messy wires or complicated set-up, no fuss, personalize your space very easily.

It's easy to install, you just need to plug it in and you're ready to go.

Design Your Own Sign

Unlimited design revision services until you are completely satisfied.

We offer fast response communication to ensure a smooth and stress-free shopping experience, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with unlimited design revisions until complete satisfaction with the final product.

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Custom neon signs for salons

Unique waterproof design with an invisible waterproof coating, extremely durable.

So you can place them in any room, on a terrace, or even hang them from the ceiling during outdoor camping.

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Enjoy your artwork by simply plugging it into a power outlet. It can also be switched to battery power, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor events.

Minimalistic and aesthetic blend, unique and creative design, with great attention to detail.

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Custom circular neon signs

Stand out with our customizable circular neon signs

Make a statement with our unique customizable circular neon signs. Unlike other competitors, our signs allow you to create a truly personalized design that sets you apart. Whether for your business or personal space, our signs are sure to add character and personality. Order yours today and stand out from the crowd.

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Custom Crown Suspended Round Chandelier Letters Neon Sign Circular Art Pendant Light

Illuminate your space with our custom crown suspended round neon sign art

Elevate your home or business decor with our one-of-a-kind custom crown suspended round chandelier letters neon sign. Create a stunning circular art pendant light that will be the focal point of any room. With endless design possibilities, our neon signs are not just functional lighting, but true works of art. Let our custom neon signs transform your space and inspire the imagination.

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Custom neon lights on mirror for bathroom or dressing room

Illuminate your reflections: upgrade your mirror with custom neon lights

Transform your bathroom or dressing room into a stylish, radiant space with the addition of custom neon lights on your mirror. Imagine starting your day or getting ready for a night out with a stunning, illuminated reflection that sets the mood for the occasion. Not only do these neon lights add a touch of elegance and sophistication, but they also provide additional light for your grooming needs. With endless color options and the ability to design your own unique message or design, the possibilities are endless. Upgrade your mirror and elevate your space with custom neon lights today.

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Be sure to visit our online design tool for more inspiration. Almost any color, style or size imaginable.

Light up your love story with custom wedding neon signs

Illuminate the love you share with a custom wedding neon sign. Our signs are the perfect way to add a romantic touch to your special day. From classic "Mr and Mrs" to a heartfelt quote, our custom designs will be a beautiful reminder of your love story for years to come. Let our neon signs be the shining star of your wedding decor, and a symbol of your forever love. Order yours today and let the light of your love shine bright.

Eat me drink me neon sign for restaurants and bars

Create memorable neon art signs for Restaurants and bars

Stand out from the mediocre and attract customers with a custom neon sign for your restaurant or bar. Our high-quality signs are handcrafted and can be designed to match your brand or theme. Whether you're looking for a classic neon open sign or a unique custom design, or if you want to design a unique artistic style that will make customers flock to you and create an Instagram-worthy neon wall, we have the perfect solution for you. Order now and add a unique style and personality to your business.

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Custom neon signs for weddings, parties and trade shows

Customize neon signs for events to create a unique and memorable experience for attendees.

Bring a unique and attention-grabbing element to your event or trade show with a custom-made neon sign. Our team will work with you to design a sign that perfectly aligns with your brand and theme. Whether you want a classic neon open sign or a creative custom design, we have the perfect solution for you. Our high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensures your sign will be a long-lasting addition to your event. Order now and let us help make your event stand out with a custom neon sign.

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Beat the boring decor with our colorful neon art signs.

The size and shape of these cool signs are perfect to bring a pop of color to your place or make it the center of attention.

Get the answers you need to light up your life with our comprehensive FAQ on all things neon.


Is it easy to hang on the wall?

Yes, there are two holes on the back of the sign that can be used to hang it with screws or cord.

If I cannot nail anything to the wall, how can I hang the sign?

You can use 3M Command strips, which do not require any tools or cause damage to the wall.

Does the sign come with a cable for suspending it from the ceiling or window?

Yes, the necessary accessories for installing the sign are included and no additional purchase is necessary.

Can I hang the sign on artificial flowers or boards?

Yes, our neon lights are 12V low voltage and do not pose any risks.

Does the sign come with a remote control?

Yes, all of our signs come with a free remote control that allows you to control the dimming, flashing, and dynamic modes.

Is the brightness on the sign adjustable?

Yes, you can adjust the brightness of our dimmable neon signs to your desired level using the included remote control.

Can the sign be powered by batteries if there is no wall outlet available?

All signs come with a free AA battery box for battery operation, but we recommend using electricity for cost efficiency. Please note that AA batteries are not included in the standard configuration.

If I choose the battery option, will the sign only run on batteries?

Even if you choose the battery case option, the electric plug will still be included as an add-on, giving you the option to use a wall outlet or the battery case.

If I choose the battery powered mode, what type of batteries does the sign use?

The sign uses 8 AA batteries.

Is this sign waterproof?

Yes, our signs use the best waterproof technology and there is no additional cost required.

I want to take this sign to outdoor events, how long can the batteries last?

Each set of 8 AA batteries can power the sign for 12 hours. If you have outdoor battery pack, the sign can have a longer lasting duration.

Can I connect this sign to a light-switch in my home?

Yes, the sign comes with a low voltage adapter plug that can be cut and hardwired into an electrical fitting, allowing you to use a light switch to turn the sign on and off.

Is the sign noisy or does it produce a constant buzzing sound?

No, the sign is completely silent.

Is the sign safe for children and pets?

Yes, our neon signs are made from soft silicone tubes and acrylic backing, with environmentally friendly materials that do not contain any toxic chemicals. They are safe for children and pets.